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A sudden change in the direction of the wind can shift the direction of a wildfire without warning. This can send both flames and smoke uncomfortably close to your property. Now, even if the suddenly encroaching fire does not burn the property, there will always be residual effects. The smell of smoke and charred debris is more than just a nuisance. These aspects of a wildfire are an unwelcome reminder of the surrounding destruction, in addition to being significant health hazards.

Call France & Co. for a 24/7 response to your wildfire emergency and we will be there in an instant to inspect the property and provide an emergency board-up. Following that we continue our restoration process through smoke cleaning, damaged material removal, water damage cleaning, and wildfire damage repairs.

Wildfire Damage Restoration Company

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What To Do In Case Of A Nearby Wildfire

Your safety and wellbeing should always be the main priority when there is a nearby wildfire. If you deem that it is unsafe to stay near the property, do not stay behind. If there is sufficient time before the wildfire arrives, there are certain steps that you can take to protect your property. 

Before the wildfire

  • Clear flammable debris, leaves, and other items within 15 feet of your property
  • Keep your grass cut, and maintain 10 feet of clearance around propane tanks and grills. Keep a screen over the grill. Do not keep gasoline and other flammable materials near the base of buildings.
  • If any tree branches are reaching toward the property – remove them
  • Have the power company clear away branches near the power lines
  • Make an inventory of all the high-value items alongside photos. This can greatly speed up the potential insurance claim
  • Make an evacuation plan with your family 

While the wildfire is approaching

  • Seal all possible smoke entry points on the property. That includes vents, windows, doors, chimnies, etc.
  • Turn off any and all fuel sources like propane, natural gas, and others
  • Use non-combustible coverings over access points to reduce radiant heat
  •  Keep all water sources on, and fill up any buckets, garbage cans, pools, and other fillable containers with water. 
  • Stay ahead of the fire. Follow the news for developments and evacuate if necessary 
Wildfire Board Up Services

Emergency Fire Boardup Services

Following a wildfire, your property is left exposed to the elements, wild animals, and vandals. In order to protect your property from all of these dangers and more, you need fire board-up services as well as roof tarping. When performed correctly this process can save you time and money in the later stages of the wildfire restoration process. 

While it is possible for you to do it on your own, it is highly recommended that you call an expert fire board-up company. There is a serious risk of structural instability, and of inhaling smoke and soot following a wildfire. A professional will know which areas to support and will use advanced PPE. For 24/7 emergency fire board up and roof tarping services, call the experts at France & Co. We are able to arrive on the scene and begin the fire board-up process as soon as the fire marshal has cleared the dwelling.

The Wildfire Damage Clean-up Process

The moment you call France & Co. for help with fire damage, we will immediately dispatch a certified fire damage professional to your property. They will inspect the damage, and in addition to this free inspection, they will provide you with a restoration plan that includes accurate timeline and cost estimates.

Boarding up your property will protect it from significant amounts of secondary damage that could be cause by fleeing wildlife. elements, and vandals.

If your property caught on fire, during the extinguishing process the fire department will use massive amounts of water to stop the flames. While this is essential to stop the fire, if that water is left standing it represents a threat to the rest of the property.  Using our industry-leading truck-mounted water removal equipment, we will work to minimize any damages.

Once the water is removed, we will transition our energy to cleaning up and removing any smoke and soot damage. Smoke can travel well beyond the range of the fire damage, so we will work to identify the extent of the damage and address it.

Once the smoke and soot have been addressed we need to remove all the materials that have been damaged beyond salvation. We realize that they are your precious properties, but if they are saturated with smoke or water they can represent a serious health risk down the road.

The final step in restoring your property following a fire is to perform any and all necessary repairs. That might involve simple replacements to full-scale remodelling. You can count on France & Co. to provide you with comprehensive wildfire damage repairs.

Smoke Soot Cleaning & Smoke Deodorization

Smoke and soot will quickly cover the entirety of your property after a wildfire. Not only is the smell highly unpleasant and serves as a constant reminder of the wildfire, but that soot and infiltrated smoke are a serious health hazard. You need to remedy that before the space can be safely used. The best option is to contact a smoke damage cleanup company for smoke soot removal and smoke deodorization.

For professional smoke damage cleaning and smoke deodorization, give France & Co. a call today.

Smoke Damage

When faced with wildfire damage, contact France & Co.

Why Choose France & Co. For Fire Damage Restoration?

24 Hour Services

A wildfire is out of your control. You do now know when it will cause damage to your property, so  France & Co. offers 24 hour services, 365 days a year.

Advanced Equipment

Using advanced equipment allows our highly trained professionals to work with speed, accuracy, and safety. This saves you time and money.

IICRC Certified

At France & Co. our technicians are trained and certified. When you work with us, you can rest assured you are working with the best.

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