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24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Restoration Services In Wenatchee WA

When a water-related disaster impacts your home or business in Wenatchee WA, it is important to contact a professional restoration company right away. Even damages that appear to be minor may be just the first signs of a much more significant issue. Calling up your locally trusted water restoration company for a free water damage inspection will help to identify the extent of the water damage Wenatchee while jumpstarting the restoration process.

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Water Restoration Wenatchee WA

Common Causes of Water Damage in Wenatchee WA

Water-related disasters can damage your property in a number of ways. The most common causes of water damage that we at France & Co. see in our work in and around the Wenatchee WA area include:

Burst Pipes

Corroded Appliance

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Water Extraction

Water Extraction Services

Standing water is the biggest threat to your property after it has been affected by a water-related disaster. Finding a reliable water extraction company that offers immediate response services will be your best solution to prevent excessive damages and minimize the restoration process.

France & Co. offers 24/7 emergency water removal in and around the Wenatchee WA area. We pair our best technicians with industry-leading water extraction equipment to ensure a swift and successful water removal process.

We don’t consider the water removal phase complete until every last drop of moisture has been removed. Contact us today for fast and effective water extraction services!

Water Damage Cleanup Process

When you call France & Co. for help with water damage, we will immediately send a certified water damage technician to your property to inspect the damage. In addition to this free inspection, we will provide you with a restoration plan that includes accurate timeline and cost estimates.

As soon as a plan has been agreed to, our team of technicians will immediately begin the water removal process. Using our industry-leading truck-mounted water removal equipment. Working with France & Co. guarantees that the water damage will be minimized.

Once the water is removed, we will have to survey the damages and identify any excessively saturated materials that we will not be able to restore and will need to be removed to protect your property from further damage.

The final step of the water removal process is to use industrial blowers and dehumidifiers to completely dry your property to a safe condition. We are not only looking to prevent trapped moisture from warping or degrading your property, but we are also working to protect your property from any potential mold growth that could arise following a water-related disaster.

While the water removal process may be finished, there is a chance that your property may need some repairs in order to restore it to its original glory. France & Co. offers full-service water damage restoration services that you can trust.

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Water Damage Repairs

Water causes damage in many different ways to various materials and systems. Because of this variance in the types of water damage, the necessary water damage repairs may end up being minor or major depending on the damage. For this reason, it is important to work with a water repair company that has the experience and licensing to complete the repairs that you need.

At France & Co. we have extensive experience in the restoration and construction industries which allows us to handle any type of water damage repair that you may need, no matter the size or scope.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection of your water repair needs. We are here to help!

Water Damage Repairs

Why Choose France & Co. For Water Damage Wenatchee WA?

24 Hour Services

You can’t control when a disaster is going to cause damage to your property, so  France & Co. offer 24 hour services, 365 days a year.

Advanced Equipment

Effective disaster restoration requires advanced equipment to be used in combination with proper techniques from trained professionals. 

IICRC Certified

At France & Co. our technicians are trained and certified. When you work with us, you can rest assured you are working with the best

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